How to create a table in WordPress

Adding tables in WordPress can be painful. The editor in WordPress does not make it easy to create tables and if you don’t having any coding skills in html or CSS it can be a real nightmare.  Fortunately, there is a great plugin called Tablepress that enables you to easily create tables.

Install & Activate Tablepress

Go to the download page for Tablepress, download it & activate it. After you activate it, a Tablepress menu will come up in your WordPress Admin area.

Add a new table

2Add a new table by clicking on ‘Add New’. Give your post a name and title and then select the number of rows and columns you want. After this, press ‘Add Table’ to create your new table.

Insert your content

3Select the title of your rows and columns and insert the data

Add the short code to your post

Once you have inserted your desired rows and columns, copy and past the short code into the table- e.g.  [“table id=1 /”]. The short code can be found in the ‘table information’ in the Tablepress plugin.

Save your post and you can now see the table

5After you save your post with the table short code, you can now see the you created in your post. If you want to adjust anything in any of the rows or columns, go back to the Tablepress plugin and edit as needed. The image on the right is what the table I created looks like in my post. Note that if you want to format any of your text (e.g. Bold, Italics, Add colour etc.), you can also add html into any of the rows or columns. For example, on the right I added the following html to make the text BOLD and RED. Note that you don’t necessarily need to know any html as you can simply do a google search for the type of formatting you want (e.g. html code to make text RED) and you will get a lot of search results. You can simply copy the relevant code and paste it in.

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