How to submit a sitemap to Google

Help Google find and index your website by setting up your site in Google’s Webmaster Tools. Before learning how to submit a sitemap to Google, make sure you have already installed the Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

Install Google XML Sitemaps

Before submitting your sitemap, you need to install Google XML Sitemaps. To learn how to find and install this plugin, click here.

Open the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Open up your recently installed Google XML Sitemaps plugin by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then select XML Sitemap.

Select the frequency you want your site crawled

Within the Google XML Sitemap plugin, choose the frequency that you would like Google to crawl your posts, pages and categories. If you post regularly, you should choose ‘Daily’ for the posts. Most other settings in the XML Sitemap plugin can be left as is unless there are specific categories you wish to exclude.

Find your Sitemap index file

Locate your Sitemap index file, located at the top of the XML Sitemap Plugin

Insert your website in the Google Webmaster Tools

To add your website, you first have to search for your URL in the Google Webmaster Tools search bar.

Verify your ownership

There will be a number of different ways you can verify your website. The easiest way is to use your Google Analytics account to verify.

Ownership verified

Your website is now verified with Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure that you log into Google Webmaster Tools using the gmail account that is already added as a user in your admin area.