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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review
Ranking:                   98/100

Product name:        Jaaxy

Product type:          Keyword search

Core features:         Niche/Keyword search & analysis

Pricing:                      Free, $19/mth, $41.60/mth

Training:                   Excellent (video based)

Website:                   Jaaxy

What is Jaaxy? 

Jaaxy is a great Keyword research tool which streamlines the information from Google’s keyword data and presents the most relevant information in a really user friendly manner. There are other tools out there but they are more complex or don’t give you the right information to find good niche keywords and understand your competition. For example, a popular keyword tool is Google’s Keyword Tool Planner which focuses on optimizing your Adwords campaigns rather than analyzing your competition and identifying good niches.
In a nutshell, Jaaxy is an awesome niche finder. Instead of having a hit and miss approach, Jaaxy gives you the ability to understand your competition for any given keyword and focus on specific topics or phrases that you know for a fact people are searching for, which means you can get more people visiting your website. Before I started using Jaaxy, I had no idea why certain posts would get a lot of hits and others would fall flat. To this end, Jaaxy helps me answer the following things:

  • How to know for certain that the content I am creating actually fills a need or not? (i.e. are people actually searching for the content I am creating)
  • How to know if the content/topic I am writing about has too much competition or not? (i.e. if there are a lot of good sites that already exist with similar content, it can be very difficult to get a ranking for any given topic. Jaaxy shows you how much competition there is for any keyword and how much traffic on average per month that keyword is getting).
  • How much traffic I can expect to get? (i.e. if I was able to achieve a first page Google ranking for any given topic or keyword, how much traffic could I expect to get? Is it worth writing about in the first place?).

What can Jaaxy do? 

From my perspective, below are Jaaxy’s pros and cons


  • Incredibly easy to use (almost zero learning curve)
  • No expertise or jargon required to understand it
  • Understand the competition for any keyword
  • Easily search for and find great niche keywords
  • Easily find good website domain names
  • Great tools that help you to find additional keywords
  • Very good support (this is important)
  • Accurate data (as far as I can determine)
  • Ability to save keyword lists and export to excel
  • Cost effective
  • No downloads or upgrades required to use it


  • Free keyword search tool has limitations
  • Monthly subscription as opposed to a one-off purchase

Use Jaaxy to create a niche website or article

Keyword search is essential when building an online business, particularly if you are creating niche websites.
Understanding how to find good keywords (low competition & med-high traffic) and acting on those keywords to create good content can lead to a lot of traffic (and money) if you do it right.
Jaaxy collects search data from the various search engines and displays the results in an intelligent, simplified manner. This makes it very easy to interpret the data and act on the good keywords that you find.  If you don’t understand how websites are ranked for any given keyword you are really just guessing. Jaaxy gives you this type of insight and more which is why it is such a powerful tool. Jaaxy is like your personal ‘Niche finder‘.
What topic do you want to write about?
Choosing something you are passionate about or interested in is important. For example, if you are a mother of a young child you may be more inclined to write about something baby related. I know nothing about baby clothes, but let’s do a quick search on Jaaxy for the generic term ‘baby clothes’. I will explain how to interpret the data later, but you can see that the term ‘baby clothes’ is impossible to rank for, however ‘luxury baby clothes‘ is a keyword you could potentially target.
Using this information, it provides you great insight into how to focus your content. Instead of writing a generic article about ‘baby clothes’ which would be impossible to rank for because of the high competition, you would be much better of writing an article about ‘luxury baby clothes‘.
Jaaxy is an awesome tool if you are looking for ways to find good keywords to create targeted articles or posts on your website or to create a website targeted to a specific niche or set of keywords. 

What is a Keyword tool & why is finding a good keyword so important? 

 A keyword tool basically gives you the ability to find keywords (i.e. words or phrases that people use when they are looking for something on the internet). A good keyword tool will make it easy to search for and find keywords with limited competition and a reasonable amount of traffic. This allows you to focus on writing websites or posts that you know will bring traffic, as long as enough effort is put in.

It is obviously good to write on what you are passionate about and not simply write to get traffic. However, if your goal is to have people actually read your content (which is important whether or not you intend to make money from your website), then understanding how much competition and traffic there is for any given keyword(s) that are relevant to your website is extremely important. For example, if I was writing a post or creating a website about ‘How to play the violin‘, it would not be a good idea to simply write generic articles on How to play the Violin. This is because popular keyword phrases are usually hard to rank for due to the high competition, so you are better off focusing on specific topics within that niche.
To identify good keywords, you can start off by doing a search for the keyword of your choice. The keyword you type in will often not be a suitable keyword to go after so Jaaxy helps you by providing a list of other alternative/suggested ones (see below). Let’s do a search in Jaaxy for ‘learn how to play violin‘ and see what comes up.
You can see from the search results that small changes in the wording make a difference. The best keyword to focus on in this case would be “Learn how to play violin online” because there is such little competition. Although the monthly traffic you would get by achieving first page rankings (22) is not fantastic, any traffic is good, particularly when there are not many competing sites.
Some of the listed keywords will make sense and others won’t. Just make sure you ignore the grammatically incorrect ones as Google will not recognize these. What shocked me when I started using Jaaxy is the sheer number of untapped keywords out there. I simply don’t have the time to write enough content to keep up.

How to analyze search results from Jaaxy

Keyword Phrase Average
(Monthly traffic)
SEO Score
(100 is perfect)
QSR Score
(competing websites)
1. Learn how to play violin online 128 22



2. Learn how to play violin 621 106 83 183
3. Learn how to play the violin 633 108 75 220
Based on the above search we can deduct:

  • “Learn how to play violin online” = excellent keyword.  This is an excellent choice because of the low competition (QSR score is only 49, which means there are only 49 competing websites) and SEO score of 93. This means that if you write a fairly good, original article titled ‘Learn how to play violin online‘, there is a fair chance you will get ranked on the first page of Google relatively quickly.
  • “Learn how to play violin” = average/good keyword. Although more difficult to rank for due to more competing websites (QSR is 183), there is decent traffic (106 visits/month if you get first page ranking in Google) and as the QSR is under 200, with a bit of work you should be able to rank on the first page.
  • “Learn how to play the violin” = poor keyword.  Because there are a lot of competing websites (QSR is 220) and the SEO score is 75, this would be a difficult keyword to target.
General rules of thumb when using Jaaxy
  • AVG (i.e. number of searches) of 100 or more = OK. The more the better.
  • TRAFFIC (visits your website can achieve if you get on first page of Google) of 10 or more = OK. The more the better.
  • QSR score less than 300 = OK, 200 = GOOD. The lower the better.
  • SEO score more than 80 = OK, Over 90 = GOOD. The higher the better.
  • KQI (keyword quality indicator) = GREEN. Only go for green ones.
The recommended numbers vary depending on the person, but the above is a fairly good guideline based on my usage of Jaaxy. Whether or not you go after a keyword with a low TRAFFIC score (e.g. 10) will depend on the SEO score. For example, if the SEO score is 80 and the traffic is only 10, it means you would have to work reasonably hard to rank for that keyword with little reward, so I wouldn’t go after it. However, if the SEO score was 95, even if the traffic score was only 10 it is probably worth writing a post about that keyword because it wouldn’t be too difficult to rank for.
You can see that by simply adding certain words like ‘Online‘, the amount of competition can change dramatically (in this case it decreased) as does the amount of traffic. Keywords with little competition are often referred to as ‘low hanging fruit‘ because they are easy to ‘pick off’ (i.e. it is fairly easy to rank for these type of keywords). Remember, QSR refers to the amount of competing websites for that keyword, so this means there are more websites out there with good content related to ‘Learn how to play ‘the‘ violin as opposed to ‘Learn how to play violin’.
This is an important distinction and can help you discover hidden gems by understanding that slight differences in the wording will alter the amount of traffic and competition you are up against. You can then write a more focused article targeted at that keyword or phrase. For example, in the above case, the title of my post or article would be ‘Learn how to play violin‘ and not ‘Learn how to play the violin’. If you don’t use Keyword search tools, it is impossible to discover this type of important information.

Uncovering more keywords

To explore more potential keywords, you can use the keyword suggestions from Jaaxy (e.g. learn how to play violin online). You can play around with different combinations of keywords to discover other phrases that have low competition. In the search below I have taken the word ‘online’ and searched for ‘online violin lessons’ to see what comes up. You can see that this search has also uncovered a few nice keywords we can use for additional articles.

But aren’t all the good keywords taken by now? 

I thought the same thing. The internet has been around for a while so you would think that most of the good keywords would already have websites that focus on them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Although there are a lot of keywords with high competition, there are thousands upon thousands of keywords that are untapped. I believe the reason for this is that a lot of website developers do not take advantage of the keyword tools or understand their importance. It also takes a bit of persistence and dedication to consistently write content which is relevant and original. That is why, if you persevere you can create a lot of wealth for yourself if you use keyword search tools and dedicate time to writing good content focused on good keywords on a consistent basis.  When using Jaaxy, there are several factors you need to look at to understand what a good keyword is.

How much does Jaaxy cost?

There are 3 versions of Jaaxy.

  • Free version – in the free version, you get 30 free search queries per month. Each time you make a search query, points are used up. You can also get points by referring others to Jaaxy. The free version doesn’t include some key components like Keyword competition (QSR) but it does allow you to get a good feel for what Jaaxy can do and gives some useful search results. However, if you are serious about doing anything with Keywords, you really need to get the Pro version.
  • $19/month (Pro version) –  the Pro version is really good and is all you need unless you want to take advantage of the extra features of the Enterprise version which essentially makes it easier to sort your search results and give you more speed. I use the Pro version and find it to be sufficient for my needs. However, I can definitely see the advantage of using the Enterprise version if you want to save time and increase productivity.
  • $499/year (Enterprise version) – the main difference between the Pro and the Enterprise version is speed, automation and sorting. The Enterprise version gives you results at 5x, compared to 2x for the Pro version; instead of having to manually click to find out certain information (i.e. competition and domain availability) it comes up automatically; most importantly the Enterprise version gives you ability to sort data which is a massive time saver. You can export to excel from the Pro version, but if you get really serious about using Jaaxy extensively, you may want to consider the Enterprise version.

In Conclusion

Jaaxy is a great tool which simplifies the process of finding great keywords to help drive more traffic to your website. It is the only tool I use for keyword research and I highly recommend it. Before you write your next post or article, try using Jaaxy first to check if people are actually looking for the topic you are writing on and narrow down your post title to fit a specific phrase that people are searching for which has limited competition. This is the key to success and refining this process and repeating it can lead to you building a successful online business.
Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback on what I have written. In addition, if you have information on any other keyword products I would love to hear from you.